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We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that not all countries can use all shipping options. The shipping options available to you may differ depending on the country of destination.

We dispatch 5 days a week. Orders placed after 8am (Taiwan time GMT +8) will ship on the next working day. Orders placed on a Friday will be dispatched same day but may not fly out until the following Monday, so bear that in mind if you need the items in a hurry.

Generally speaking transit time for packages is about 7-14 days. Express takes approximately 3-5 business days and we also have an account with DHL (1-2 business days transit) but you will need to contact us for that. Shipping transit times are estimates only. In reality standard shipping can take anything from 4-40 days depending on the country of destination, customs delays (if any), and any other factors like speed of destination postal services, natural disasters and weather, and public holidays. As a couple of examples, packages to the USA, Canada, UK etc. typically take around 10-14 days, whereas packages to Chile can and do take anything from 2-6 weeks.

Most shipping options have tracking. We are always here to help you if there is a problem with delivery, but remember our reach is limited. Your postal service would be the first port of call assuming you have tracking information regarding your parcel. Contact us if you require our assistance. We always refund or reship lost packages.

All shipping prices are based on weight. Depending on the shipping chosen the price will either be calculated every 20g or 500g. Play around with your order to find the best number of products for the best shipping price. In the case of 3x5' flags for example, it is best to purchase them in multiples of 4. i.e. 4, 8, 12, 16pcs and so on.